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Messages From
Your Angels
by Doreen Virtue, Phd.

The angels will help you know
what your exact life purpose is.
This card deck makes it easier than ever
to give an amazingly accurate angel reading.

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Dragon Tarot
by Terry Donaldson
An evocative and richly illustrated tarot deck. Draws you into the
mythical and fantastic world of dragons. This spectacular 78 card
deck captures the power of the
legendary Dragon. Incl. booklet

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Rider-Waite Tarot Deck
The International favorite
Information booklet included
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The Legacy of the Divine is the newest deck from Ciro Marchetti, talented artist and creator of the Gilded Tarot and Tarot of Dreams. This deck is roughly based on the Rider-Waite model, and a "a story by the artist that connects Tarot's origins to an ancient race that was destroyed, but who left us with the images and message of tarot as a legacy".
The Gilded Tarot is a digitally drawn and visually sumptous Rider-Waite style tarot from the talented Ciro Marchetti.
"Each card in The Gilded Tarot is a small masterpiece. . . . A gorgeous addition to any tarot enthusiast's collection." New Age Retailer



By Doreen Virtue, author of several oracle decks, the Healing with the Faeries Oracle is a non-tarot deck has pretty pictures of fairies and a single word or phrase to sum up on each card.
By Doreen Virtue
Oracle Deck - 64 Cards
Published by Hay House