Fairy Oil Candles
Create some Magical Fairy Light in your home. These quality oil candles feature a long lasting fiberglass wick, glass wick holder chimney, and a free 1/5 dram of fragrance. Each candle is Pre-filled with Ultra Pure lamp oil. Candles come in assorted colors for each pattern.
$19 each.

Item# OC602
Rowan Fairy Round/Flat

Item# OC301
Catch A Star Round

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Item# OC101
Catch A Star- Oblong

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For centuries, a body of traditional knowledge has existed about the use of herbs to attract and extend vibrational qualities.  Sun's Eye PURE OILS are fine, multi purposed, fragrance oils made from herbs, flowers, woods, spices, resins, leaves and essential oils. 

Sun's Eye Oil

$6.95 for one 1/2 fl. oz. bottle

Lavender - Healing, Peace, Love, Relaxation
Rose - Love, Healing, Beauty
Patchouly - Love, Money, Fertility
Sandalwood - Protection, Purification, Spirituality
Dragonís Blood- Empowerment, cleansing protection.