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Anne El-Habre


We at Midsummer Fairies' were so fortunate to come across the
inspiring work of Anne El-Habre! Kathy discovered her work
in Savannah, Georgia where she promptly purchased one of Anne's
amazing creations. After some time, Kathy commissioned Anne
to create our beautiful Midsummer Fairies logo. Please read
more about Anne below and make sure you check out her
beautiful artwork at Alvida Art Gallery.

My name is Anne El-Habre and I paint. I live in Savannah, but I was born in Maine (no, I don't know Steven King personally, although my brother met him in Washington, D.C.) Much of my life has been spent in New England. When I came to Savannah to go to art school, I had a desire to be a printmaker. I ended up in Graphic Design. Painting has always been an ongoing learning experience for me, and although I never had formal training, I have had the good fortune of being around some very talented people who let me in on their secrets.

My art is a mixture of mythology, allegory, spirituality, and illustration and my obsession with the hereafter. Straight lines and people who think that illustration is not high art are big problems to me. I like the color black. I am fascinated with wings,things that have absolutely no bearing on the present; that are timeless and mysterious without being aloof. I don't want people to be preoccupied with what they think they should see- sometimes art that looks obvious isn't. I believe all art should have a story, or at least the elements that allow the viewer to come upon their own. Human beings have evolved through story and imagination- art is the only way to keep us from losing that which breathes life into our humanity.

It should never be made to match the sofa.

-Anne El-Habre

Faerie with Turtle
Anne El-Habre

Midsummer Fairies Logo
by Anne El-Habre